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I’m dedicating this blog to showcasing the official, mainstream Contra games through images and videos. After all, the Contra series is rapidly dying by the harsh treatment of both Konami and the majority of fans…

Please select a section so you can see the images of the versions/ports for that particular game. Here are the sections:

Contra: The original Contra.

Super Contra: Sequel to the start of the series.

Operation Contra: A great portable Contra taking place between Super Contra and Contra III.

Contra III: The Alien Wars: Considered by some to be the best game in the series.

Contra Force: An unexpected, somehow untrue “Contra” game.

Contra: Hard Corps: An awesome, fast-paced, boss-rush nightmare.

Contra: Legacy of War: The beginning of Contra’s Dark Age, though not a bad game.

C: The Contra Adventure: Yet more contributions to Contra’s Dark Age, but again, not a bad game.

Contra: Shattered Soldier: An illusion of hope and revival to the Contra series, yet the beginning of a new era for Contra- the decline of the series.

Neo Contra: Sequel to Shattered Soldier, Neo Contra vividly reflects Konami’s attitude to the series and presents more taboo to emphasize the series’ downfall and plunge into failure and abandonment.

Contra 4: A very heartly and overwhelmingly respectful effort by Wayforward to bring back the series, but the long term damage of some previous games show that what’s done cannot be reversed…

Contra ReBirth: A pretty great game which, although proved to be tremendously fun and a return to the series, didn’t meet false fans’ expectations of Contra 4 quality. Its house-sized reception is a statement emphasizing the imminent death of the series.

Hard Corps: Uprising: The lack of the word “Contra” in the title vividly demonstrates its gameplay, unrelated to Contra, as further affirmation that there is no connection to the Contra series. The significantly deviated gameplay elements and anime-style visuals further establish this affirmation. Konami allowing Arc System Works to proceed with this title and, similarly to previous installments, putting their name all over this game represent their care, or lack thereof, for the Contra series.

Alternatively, you can Jump to a Game. Or you can just click on “Jump to a Game” in the “Pages” section.

I would also like to aknowledge several Contra-like games without going into detail because they are either competitors or have received a series of their own:

Journey to Silius; Sunset Riders; Gunstar Heroes; Turrican; Metal Slug

As of today (December 9th, 2011), I dedicate all my future work on this (and the other) blog to Jean-Yves “Jive” Delpech. He has passed away as a cancer he was suffering from finally took away his life. Jive was probably the nicest and most approachable Doomer in the community. Although I cannot say much for his last works in Doom, nor can I agree with his choice to give up Doom due to a questionable religion, I have the utmost respect for him. Though I don’t know him personally, I am aware of how much of a good person he was. His absence from this world is a gap that will never be filled.


3 Responses to “Welcome to Red Falcon Central!”

  1. WarioMan Says:

    That’s good you also posted information about the official Contra titles.

  2. Hey iniche, your links still say that my site is dead 😛

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